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Dribbling Moves

Change of direction - "The Cruyff"

This move is a must for all of our players.  It is a simple change of direction move that has a player fake a shot/pass only to play the ball behind behind their supporting leg.  After the move, the player should be going the opposite direction from where they started. A quick change of pace after the move will create time and space for the, the player keeps possession!  

The Cruyff

Dribbing skills for beginners

This short video show a variety of dribbling techniques and moves that all our coaches should be showing our players.  Coaches should pick 1-2 of these techniques/moves each week and dedicate time at each practice for all the players to work on them. Encourage players to then use these moves in all drills/activities the rest of practice.

Simple dribbling exercises


This series of videos shows simple dribbling exercises that can be done as a warm-up to any practice and can easily be set up at home.  Each video shows different dribbling techniques.  And don't worry if you don't have cones...any object you can put down for the player to go around will work!

The scissors!

This is one of the most commonly used attacking moves used by players of all ages.  It can also be one of the most effective when done properly and quickly.  Start simple by mastering the "single" scissors.  Once you have that, add a second step-over for a double scissors!